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What do we mean when we talk about TRIBULATION?

The dictionary states that TRIBULATION means “severe trouble or affliction”, “distress”, “trial”,

When we talk of tribulation in biblical terms, that is exactly what we are talking about - a time of
immense trouble, distress and suffering for all mankind left upon the earth.
the bible book of Revelation, right at the end of our bibles is a book dedicated to warning us of
the impending suffering that is coming upon us.
it is not a book designed to frighten but to educate and to turn us from our sinful ways, to repent
and to turn back to God, through Jesus Christ.

The book of REVELATION uses pictorial language which many find hard to understand, and many
misinterpret. There are those that would say that because they are pictures that the events they
portray are not real. That view is not supported by the Bible.
these pictures are important, real and very much a warning to us all!

The TRIBUALATION is a seven year period that begins badly and gets steadily worse and the tables
That follow give us an idea of what will happen.

READER - Get a Bible, look up the references for yourself, seek the truth.
Tables showing
seven seal judgements