The Rapture
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Jesus’ Return
The rapture
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The return of Jesus Christ with His Church is often confused with the RAPTURE and this should
not be the case, because they are two separate events.

As we have seen on the RAPTURE page, the rapture is the next prophetic event that will happen,
and could happen at any time.This event is where the true believers in Christ - those that have
seen their need of Jesus, repented of their sins and asked Him into their lives as Saviour and
Lord, are taken up into the clouds to meet Jesus in the air. He then takes the true believers into
the Marriage supper of the Lamb.
For the rest of the world that is left behind, there follows a period of 7 years known as the
TRIBULATION, a time when untold calamities fall upon the occupants of the earth, in such a way
that has never been seen before.

At the end of that 7 year period is the time when Jesus returns WITH the Saints (believers) to
rule the earth.
Jesus’s rule will be a righteous rule and with a rod of iron - Revelation 19 v 15.
He will rule for 1000 years, a time when man will live according to Gods ways and not their own,
a time when man will respect man, a time of peace.
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