Know Jesus 2
The Rapture
Jesus’ Return
The rapture
Jesus return
When it comes to the things concerning eternity, there is no sitting on the fence, you have to make a
Decision either for Christ or against Christ.
To say no to Jesus Christ means an eternity in Hell! There is no other way of saying it, because
That is exactly what it will be - Hell. But to say ‘YES’ to Jesus means LIFE!, in all its fullness.
Let me explain further. Forgive me if I repeat myself here, but I do not know if you have visited the
other pages on this site.
Man was created by God in His image, we had His character. But sadly, something tragic happened.
Man rebelled against God by disobeying His one command (not to eat of the fruit of the tree in the
centre of the garden of Eden), and so SIN entered the world and man was cut off from his
relationship with God

Sin is a bit like a disease, and everyone is infected by it. We are all born in sin and although we try
everything we can to rid ourselves of sin - we cannot and we continue to ‘fall short of God’s standard’.
Unfortunately, we will always miss the mark by ourselves because none of us are good enough to
make the grade in God’s eyes.

Our SIN cuts US off from God and prevents US from having a relationship with Him.
This means we are all doomed to Hell.

But wait, it’s not all doom and gloom. God Himself has provided a way for us to come back to Him
and to have a relationship with Him - through Jesus Christ.

The Bible tells us that Jesus is Gods one and only Son and that he came to this earth as one of us
and to live with us. Whilst he did this he showed himself to be the Son of God by performing
It was God’s intention that Jesus should become our SIN bearer, our sacrificial lamb.