The Seven Seal Judgements

Seal Description Bible Reference
1 Rise of the Antichrist Revelation 6 v 1-2
2 WAR Revelation 6 v 3-4
3 Famine & Economic Chaos Revelation 6 v 5-6
4 Pestilence,  Death & Hell Revelation 6 v 7-8
5 Tribulation Saints Martyred by the Antichrist Revelation 6 v 9-11
6 Wrath of God releases upheaval of nature Revelation 6 v 12-17
7 Silence in Heaven for half an hour Revelation 8 v 1
The TRIBULATION  is the period of time that follows the rapture of all born again Christians to be
with Christ in the air. It is a period that is described in the book of Revelation and in Daniel
(Old Testament).

The TRIBULATION period will last 7 years and be divided into 2 three and a half year periods.
it is a time on earth that will witness the most horrific and horrendous plagues and calamities
in the history of mankind.

These plagues are God’s judgments upon man for their sin and disobedience.
the book of Revelation tells us that they will come in 3 groups

7 SEAL judgments, 7 TRUMPET judgments, 7 BOWL judgments
judgments 2